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Auto-Correct-Art - I'm learning to tell the time

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Workshop Series: 6 activity sheets

The child learns to read and understand the time in all its forms.
(exact hour, half hour, quarter hour, three quarter hour, precise minute)

  • Analog (clock)
  • Digital
  • Writing hours in a text
  • In the spoken language

Objectives of the exercises:
1 Become familiar with the time in digital format.
Become familiar with the components of an analog clock.
Recognize the hour hand and the minute hand.
Understand that they can overlap.
2 Read the exact hour and a half.
3 Become familiar with the notion of quarter of an hour and three quarters of an hour.
4 Learn to tell the time in 5 minute increments.
Introduction to 24 hour format.
5 Read the time to the nearest minute.
Introduction to writing hours in a text.
6 Master the 24-hour format.
Understand the time as it is used in the spoken language.

6 years +