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Codenames Quebec (fr)

Type: board games

Find the right code names with themes specifically for Quebec!

Codenames is an idea association game for 2 to 8 players in which, divided into two teams, you play as either a spymaster or an agent on a mission.

To find out what code name your informants are hiding under, listen carefully to the clues given by the two Master-Spies and be careful not to contact an enemy informant, or worse... the dreaded assassin!

The two Spymasters know the identity of the 25 informants on the table, but their agents only see their code names. The teams compete in ingenuity to be the first to make contact with all their informants. For this, the Spymasters give one and only one clue word that can designate several code names on the table. Their agents therefore try to guess the code names of their color and avoid those of the other team. And above all, everyone wants to avoid the assassin!

The first team to identify all of their Informants wins the game.

12 years + I 2 to 8 players I 15 minutes

Rules of the game