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Ladders and somersaults


Kids love playing the well-known ups and downs game!

The number 100 at the top seems so close, but how much effort will it take to get there! Every time a pawn lands on a square at the bottom of a ladder, it goes up! But if he stops at the top of a slide, it's a fall!

The players turn the arrow on the turnstile and advance the number of squares indicated on the turnstile. Will they land on a square that makes them go up or down? In Ladders and Tumbles, players experience ups and downs, but always aim for the top!

This classic game challenges players: will they be able to always climb, without ever falling? Players who land on a square illustrating a good deed move up the ladder! But watch out for slipping! The first player to reach square 100 wins!

Understand :

  • game board
  • 3 pawns with plastic base
  • turnstile with arrow
  • rules of the game.

Must be assembled by an adult. No reading required to play

3+ years / 2-3 players / 15 minutes