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Fabulle - Globule is late

by Fabulle
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Fast! Fast! Globule is in a hurry! But Frimousse wants to know what it's like to be late. Will he have time to explain to her?

16 pages

8 x 8 inches (20.3 x 20.3 cm)

From 5 years

Preschool, Elementary Cycle One

Theme / Educational content: Time orientation - punctuality

Author: Lynda Dallaire

Lynda Dallaire loves children's literature. Since 2006, she has published 55 children's books.

Illustrator: Jeanne Tremblay-Gravel

Jeanne Tremblay-Gravel is an up-and-coming self-taught illustrator. Drawing is his passion. She draws zebras diving and wildebeest riding bicycles.

The Good Time! is intended as a tool facilitating the understanding of temporal notions and their high level of abstraction. With the collaboration of Monique Arteau, speech therapist, she discusses the months of the year, the seasons, the timeline and the notion of punctuality, the main moments of the day, full hours, half and quarter hours. .

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