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Fabulle - The kissing box

by Fabulle
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Jules is sick. He must not give his cold to his mother or his friends. Fortunately, Suzan knows how to find all the missed kisses!

24 pages

8 x 8 inches (20.3 x 20.3 cm)

From 4 years old


Theme / Educational content: The microbes

Author: Diane Bergeron

Since her early childhood, Diane Bergeron has always loved dragons, these mysterious mythological beasts. Diane is the author of 20 children's books.

Illustrator: François Boutet (Franfou)

François Boutet (Franfou) is an artist from Lac-Beauport who has made a living from his art for over 20 years. Whether in illustration, 3D drawing, video animation, or painting, his creations can be found in different forms: children's books, magazines, television programs, company logos, board games and derivative products.

The Like a grown-up! is aimed at preschool children. It addresses fun topics while providing solutions to various problems.

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