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Fabulle - The throne of Princess Gripette

by Fabulle
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Princess Gripette's throne is a great place to stretch your legs. What adventure will this lead to Gripette and Gribouille?

16 pages

8 x 8 inches (20.3 x 20.3 cm)

From 5 years


Theme / Educational content: Physical activity, perseverance, imagination

Author: Lynda Dallaire

Lynda Dallaire loves children's literature. Since 2006, she has published 55 children's books.

Illustrator: Jeanne Tremblay-Gravel

Jeanne Tremblay-Gravel is an up-and-coming self-taught illustrator. Drawing is his passion. She draws zebras diving and wildebeest riding bicycles.

The Activitabulle collection was created to address physical activity in children. Written with the collaboration of Natacha Gagné, kinesiologist, each illustrated album, through an amusing story, presents coordinated movements in order to develop several motor components in children.

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