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Finger Guns (fr)

by Matagot
Type: Party games

A hilarious party game where you will have to draw your finger guns.

Only 6 actions to choose from for super fast rule learning. A game system without elimination, where even the ghosts continue to play!

It's noon sharp! It's high time to show what you've got! Hell and damnation, you don't know how it got here... Maybe this town is too small for all of you. You take a last look at the band of cowards in front of you and "Three!" Two ! A ! DRAW! »

The finger guns are drawn! Sunday cowboys and amateur bandits collapse, hit in the heart by dummy bullets. It's noon sharp and it's time to show your guts!

Finger Guns is a thrilling game combining strategy and negotiation à la Battle Royale. Who will be the fastest shooter in the Wild West?

10 years + I 3 to 8 players I 20 minutes