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Hot Wheels Action - Assorted Tracks

Type: Toy cars
Low stock - 1 available

Kids compete with their friends with the Challenge to the Top assortment for the ultimate races!

Kids can test their skills in 3 challenges, including a drift circuit, a drag race and a daring climb.

The Drift Master Champion track set tests accuracy with a drifting circuit. For the first time ever, kids can toss their vehicle sideways instead of facing the drift. Knock down adjustable flags for extra points!

The Champion Dragstrip is a classic drag race with an awesome starting gate. Pull the lever up and release to start the countdown. When the doors open, it's a race to raise the winner's flag!

Kids can load up their car and land on the launcher to build enough momentum for their car to roll up a steep hill and land on top!

Includes everything kids need to race:

  • orange track
  • banked turns
  • side by side racing
  • launchers
  • 1 Hot Wheels vehicle

Several different models in this assortment, each sold separately. Photo for illustrative purposes only.

4 years and +