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Pay day (Bil)

by Hasbro

Players get together as a family to play this financial management game.

PAYDAY only comes at the end of the month and to survive until then, players will need to juggle their money wisely. They will try to save money by making profits with good opportunities, but may also have to take out some loans; Pay attention to bills.

The game includes a Payday die which creates twists in the game. The player who ends the month with the most money wins!


  • a game board
  • 100 cards (35 Opportunity, 31 Action, 34 Mail)
  • 1 cipher die
  • 1 dice PAY DAY
  • 4 pawns
  • a loan register
  • a bundle of money
  • rules of the game.

8+ years old | 2-4 players