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The Wheels - BEGINNER COMBO Syllables + Reading Numbers


Get amazing results by combining these two popular and complementary tools!

 The syllable wheel: 
Here is a fun tool to easily and quickly master more than 400 basic syllables. Simply by turning the wheel, the child will be able to discover a multitude of sounds that can be formed by combining the consonants and vowels found there. This wheel presents 400 basic syllables and a multitude of more complex syllables. It is aimed at a child who is just starting out or a student with learning difficulties.
 The number reading wheel: 
Here is an original tool to learn to read and write the numbers from 10 to 209 in letters and in figures. He Just align the two parts of the number by turning the wheels. We then obtain the way to write the desired number in letters.This This tool is intended for children who are just starting out or for students with learning difficulties.
Material: Sturdy and durable laminated cardboard with protective sleeve that allows insertion into a binder.
Dimensions: 20cm in diameter / 8in in diameter, pouch 22cm x 23.5cm / 8.5in x 9.25in
Preschool level