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The Wheels - The Quiz Wheel - Vol. 1


100 things you absolutely need to know!

Theme: General Culture

Test and increase your knowledge!

The Quiz Wheel - Vol. 1 features hundreds of fun questions on all sorts of topics!

Spin the wheel and choose a question. You will then get three answer choices in the wheel boxes. The correct answer is hidden at the bottom of the wheel (turn the wheel slightly to make it appear).

Hours of fun with friends, family, travel, long car trips, etc.

The quiz wheel is aimed at an audience of all ages, a family clientele. It is a fun tool to test your knowledge and increase it.

In addition, each question makes it possible to generate discussions or to deepen a subject. Take the following question as an example:
What eye defect prevents you from seeing clearly at a distance? A) Myopia B) Presbyopia C) Glaucoma
After giving the correct answer, you can ask the participants if they know the definition of the answer choices and discuss the subject.

Technical sheet

The Curious Wheel

Wheel Dimensions 20 Cm Diameter (8 Inches)

General knowledge


Primary level