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The Wheels - The English Vocabulary Wheel


This wheel makes it easy and quick to learn over 400 basic words in English. Simply point the wheel arrow to a noun to get its translation and plural in English.

Designed for a French speaker who is learning English.

This wheel is a beginner level tool for anyone new to learning English, regardless of age. It contains the basic vocabulary, classified by theme, as well as several useful expressions.

Discussed subjects :

  • Family
  • The human body
  • Clothes
  • school
  • The food
  • The weather
  • The House
  • The bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • The kitchen
  • Nature

Complementary themes presented in the center of the wheel:

  • Numbers
  • The adjectives
  • Colors
  • Main verbs
  • days and months
  • Useful expressions

Primary level