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Paméla V. - 2. Conquering her shrink

Type: Novels
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Pamela has only one desire: to flee to the other side of the world. Her work annoys her, her clients annoy her, her friends annoy her... She is convinced that life has condemned her to wander the Earth alone until her death. Her friends no longer recognize her, she who is so bright normally!

Paméla therefore resigns herself to consulting a shrink, in order to better understand her “love patterns”. Over the course of her meetings, she feels a certain chemistry developing between her psychologist and her. Does she get any ideas? Is this just a normal therapy technique? Who is this mysterious Philippe whose Facebook page is ultra private? Accompanied by her friends, Pamela ventures into a dangerous conquest...

Other information
Category: Quebec novel
Size: 15cm X 22.8cm | supple cover
Number of pages: 352 pages