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Passe-Partout - Tales no. 1 - Unpopular Polar Bear Vacation


Two stories in each issue.

Unpopular Polar Bear Vacation

A lonely polar bear decides to take a vacation down south. On the plane, the passengers look at him curiously. On the beach, the other animals laugh at him. The bear begins to cry and its tears fall on the ice cream of a seal that was lounging nearby. With an icy breath, the bear cools the melted ice and the seal invites him to spend the week at his house. When it's time to go home, the polar bear finds he's made a friend.

children's island

The Babette whale has always taken care of Anemone. They traveled the world together. But the time has come for the little girl to leave Babette's womb to go to an island where all the children go, when they are grown up. To help Anemone separate from her, Babette invites all her whale friends to join her. Seeing the joyful children emerge with their mouths wide open, Anemone goes out in turn and the next day, she agrees to join her new friends on the children's island.