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Passe-Partout - Tales no. 3 - Marco's tree


Two stories in each issue

Marco's Tree

For his fourth birthday, Marco receives a small tree as a gift, but he doesn't take the time to transplant it or water it. After losing all its leaves, the tree is thrown in the garbage. It is at this moment that Marco discovers a mini bud which proves that his tree is still alive and that he chooses to take care of it. Grown up, the grateful tree will offer Marco, in spring and autumn, one of its most beautiful leaves.

A fishing trip

Mr. Albert is passionate about fishing, but he refuses to let his granddaughter Clémentine accompany him for fear that an accident may occur. Clémentine ends up convincing her grandfather to take her. Everything is going well until he inadvertently captures a young beluga. The boat rocks so hard that the little girl falls into the water. Brought back to the surface by the cetacean, Clémentine is saved and Mr. Albert frees the beluga which greets them with a caper before plunging back into the sea.