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Pik Mimik (bil)

Type: card games

Pik Mimik is a simple and fun game that gives you a great opportunity to discover the role emotions play in your everyday life.

23 x 18 x 4.5cm

2 years and +

The Amalgame collection makes it possible to act on the well-being and success of children by targeting their emotional skills through play. The games are developed by psychoeducators from the school environment, with a view to making the teaching of skills fun emotional. In addition to working on socio-emotional competence, the products offered also develop:

→ the cognitive aspect

→ motor skills

→ language

The proposed challenges are graduated and adapted to each stage of the child's development. Each game offers variations and even tips for teachers to push the development of certain skills even further. For example, in Emo Memo , it is recommended to explain each emotion even before playing. This memory game can then be used to help the child correctly identify his emotion.

Managing and understanding emotions will take on particular importance this year. So as well as being well equipped from the start and above all, approaching the subject through play. Thus, with the Amalgame collection of games, the little ones will be able to tame their emotions in fun and laughter.