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Finnish skittles Mölkky GO (Bil)

by Tactic
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Become a fan of Mölkky, this throwing game very popular in Scandinavia which combines skill, tactics and luck and is similar to the game of pétanque, billiards and bowling.

It's very simple, and very friendly, it's about being the first to reach 50 points exactly by knocking down the pins. But do not exceed 50 points otherwise your score will drop to 25!

  • The point system requires strategy and skill.
  • A more economical version, in a cardboard box with a plastic handle.
  • An international success!
  • Mölkky is made of uncoated Baltic birch wood. 12 bowling pins 5.9 cm in diameter and 15 cm in length sanded to ensure that each game piece is smooth.

8 years + / 2+ players / 30 minutes

Rules of the game